Best Hookup Apps: Find The Best App To Get Laid

Best Hookup Apps: Find The Best App To Get Laid

Guys don’t have time to go out and meet real girls for sex because of a busy lifestyle now. And let’s face it, most of the time, sex merely means a quick wank to some good old-fashioned porn and sleep after. But since technology has taken long strides and completely changed the outlook on sex dating, you might be missing out if you still don’t use adult hookup apps.

There are thousands of local hookup sites you can use to meet women for a one-night-stand and your kinks to be sorted out from time to time. Which one to choose? The famous giants or niche websites? On small platforms, your chance to score a date with girls looking for sex might be way higher! Enough of the chit-chat, here’s a quick lowdown on the best apps to get laid.

  • Members from around the world
  • Mature women who register with Adult Friend Finder, are given free membership
  • Adult videos downloaded by the site users;
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  • Members from around the world
  • Mature women who register with Ashley Madison, are given free membership
  • Adult videos downloaded by the site users;
  • One can rate other profiles and at the same time see his rating as given by other members.
  • When you register as a premium member you can engage in live video communication and exchange winks
  • In addition to providing hook-up services, the site also offers sex-related contents; for example sex toys
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  • Members from around the world
  • Mature women who register with BeNaughty, are given free membership
  • Adult videos downloaded by the site users;
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  • Members from around the world
  • Mature women who register with Fuckbook, are given free membership
  • Adult videos downloaded by the site users;
  • One can rate other profiles and at the same time see his rating as given by other members.
  • When you register as a premium member you can engage in live video communication and exchange winks
  • In addition to providing hook-up services, the site also offers sex-related contents; for example sex toys
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  • Members from around the world
  • Mature women who register with FreeLocalDates, are given free membership
  • Adult videos downloaded by the site users;
  • One can rate other profiles and at the same time see his rating as given by other members.
  • When you register as a premium member you can engage in live video communication and exchange winks
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Fuckbook is just like Facebook, but with the sole purpose of finding someone to fuck and have fun with. You can send people you like friend requests, keep up with their daily sexual activities, browse through their tantalizing photos. Nothing is censored here, so don’t be too surprised at a raw image of a freshly nailed ass or a cum-dripping cock now and then. The site also sends you a couple of matches each day that are selected based on your profile info.

The feed section is great. You can admire tons of dirty pictures from other users there and leave comments on them. Who knows, maybe your one comment will lead to a night of sexual ecstasy? Usual features like Live Cams and Sex Chats are highly active here, so you can look forward to speaking to a new sexual interest every day. Tryout VR Porn and Adult Games as well.

To access unlimited messaging and gifting features you’ll need a Premium Package. The IceBreaker feature, exclusively for Premium members, lets you exchange dirty chat ups with ladies outside your matches list. The Monthly package is only $29.95, the quarterly package — $44.85.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a casual hookup site designed specifically for married people looking to add a zing to their matrimony. It’s open to users from around the world with a few regional restrictions, depending on the country’s local policies regarding marriage and relationships out of wedlock. But there are also single people and those eager to explore their sexuality signed up on this site.

Ashley Madison aims to be the most open-minded dating community in the world, and that’s reflected in their features. They have a unique discreet inbox that protects your messages from prying eyes, especially if you’re married. The Travelling Man and Travelling Woman features keep you linked to casual hookups around the world, which is great for when you need a dash of pleasure on business trips.

Signing up with these guys is free for women, but men need to pay for features in the form of credits. There are three plans to choose from Classic, Elite, and Basic. The Elite package comes with 1000 credits and a 30-day free highlighting of your profile for only $289. The Classic is the one most users go for at $169, with 500 credits to spend. The Basic pack has 100 credits for $59.00.

Fling Review


Fling has been connecting young sexy singles for over a decade now and has been touted to be the best place to get laid online. If you have any specific kinks or orientation you’re looking for, try Fling. What’s more, their users are sorted out into groups to help you quickly find a local sex partner to your liking.

The library of sexy photos and videos on this site is impressive. The live streams and group chats are always buzzing with activity, so you’ll always have something to crank one out to. In terms of member interaction, the hotspot is always where the Live Girls are. Also, you’ll see who’s online, who’s horny, who’s nearby to reach out to them for some fun.

Creating a Fling account is completely free. You’ll have access to basic features such as members’ photos, videos, and profile views. The rest of the features fall under Premium. Their plans are pretty affordable, and you can even opt to go for a trial first. The Gold 2-day trial package is only $0.95 while the 7-day pack is $9.95. For more permanent Gold plans, you can go for the best value plan of 12 months at $6.67 a month for 6 months and the remaining 6 months free of charge! Others include the 6-month plan at $11.65 a month and the 1-month plan at $34.95.


NaughtyDate is exactly what it says it is, a site for those cheeky and experimental fuckers out there. It’s a red-hot meeting point for gays and lesbians, so if you’re feeling up to trying out something new to explore your sexuality, there’s plenty of options here. Matches sent to you are strictly within your local area, so that you can be quickly paired with guys and girls looking for sex near you!

In terms of features, the site has stuck to the basics. You’ll be able to view a person’s profile and get to know their likes, dislikes, sexual orientation, and all of that. Additionally, you’ll get access to their publicly available photos. You can go ahead and chat them up as well, but you’ll only be limited to 5 chats per account.

For the unlimited experience on NaughtyDate, get yourself a membership. You can choose a daily pass at $0.99 a day. Other packages come with a flat 30% discount tag on them. The weekly pass is $1.00 daily, the monthly pass is $1.50 per day. And if you’re planning to stay on NaughtyDate for quite some time, the 3-month pass at $0.54 a day is the cheapest option to go for!

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the world’s largest adult hookup sites, and it’s always teeming with new sexually curious people. Swingers are particularly fond of this place, so if you’re in an open relationship, you may find someone extra here. To date, the website has over 100 million users and counting with approximately 40,000 of them online at any given time. That’s a lot of casual hookups to choose from.

The platform has some great features like the dating forum, erotica area, sex magazines, and great live cam chats. There are also blogs outlining dating, kinks, fetishes, and lots of explicit content you would want to wank to. They even have a mobile platform, so that you can get a date from just about anywhere. The users on Adult Friend Finder are incredibly active, so expect a few messages from interested people right off the bat.

For the best experience, sign up for their Gold Membership plans. A monthly pass to access your new sexual escapades is only $39.95 a month while a 3-month pass stands at $80.85. If you’re thinking of fishing for long at the Adult Friend Finder, choose a yearly plan for $239.40. That’s just under $20 a month!


With over 4 million active users from around the globe, it’s no wonder this site is slowly gaining traction amongst the sexually explorative. And with tons of pretty girls looking for sex on this platform, it’s no doubt that this is one of the best hookup sites for lonely men seeking to have their dicks milked nightly.

Matches are sent straight to your inbox based on preferences listed on your profile. You can also go out on their user feed and pick a hookup you like. You also see the people who’ve shown interest in you and viewed your profile. Their match game allows you to swipe for the people whom you fancy and send them a message.

However, their messaging feature, along with a select few others on the site, does require you to purchase a block of credits before you can successfully contact a local sex partner. You can choose 10 credits at $14.99, 25 credits at $34.99, 50 credits at $64.99, 100 credits for $119.90, and 200 credits at the low price of $199.99. That’s an average of $1 per message!


LocalHookup mostly caters to singles from every nook of the globe. The site doesn’t discriminate so no matter your sexual orientation, there will always be someone waiting for you. Best of all, they’re only a stone’s throw away.

The group of stunning Russian girls is their biggest attraction. Lusty and skilled at sexual play, these gorgeous Slavic ladies are on the hunt for all the casual hookups they can get. Just imagine their sultry selves pleasing you in ways you’d only watched in pornos. You can also take your pick of all the hot girls near you as well as the throngs of sexy AV models who spend their time getting their asshole rammed on screen. Just imagine the experience they have!

For the full LocalHookup experience, try out their 3-days trial at $2.97. If the site is the one for you, move on to their monthly plans starting with $29.95 for a month, $74.85 for 3 months, and $119.70 for 6 months of unlimited use of all the features on the site!


With over 1.5 million users on the site looking for a quickie with a local sex partner on FuckSwipe, and with 100,000 of them active at any one time, you’d be spoiled for choice. 68% of the users on the site are men, 32% are women, which means more fish for the gay communities! Most of their users are between 30-50 years of age, so pick them out according to your taste.

The features there are mostly the basics of what you’d expect from a hookup site. However, they’ve made it fun by adding sexy adult games and some pretty arousing XXX videos. The users with the best content and high activity are also listed on the site’s ScoreBoard, so you can quickly take a peek there to find the foxiest sex partners. While you’re scrolling through, leave them a wink or a flirt to show you’re interested. You can also connect with users on the site either by email or through instant messaging.

When you sign up for their membership, you get to access the messaging features and all videos and photos uploaded to the site. You can first try out a 3-day trial for $2.97 and then at $39.95 a month. The monthly plan is $29.95 a month. The 3-month package is $24.95 a month and the cheapest plan at $19.95 a month is the 6-month package. Try it out and see how many hookups you can score on FuckSwipe.

SP Date

This site is great for those seeking real connections as well as a quick date with the person they fancy. Unlike other dating sites, SP Date ensures that all pictures uploaded to the site are suitable for all ages so there isn’t much public nudity on the platform. However, that doesn’t restrict sharing provocative photos via DMs.

The main features on SP Date are messaging and chatting. However, matches are strictly sent to you by the platform itself to maintain quality connections. If you feel things getting heated with a match, you can go ahead and click on Sex request to arrange a date. Hopefully, that morphs into a steamy night in bed.

Most of the key features on the site like messaging and photo and video browsing are kept free on SP Date. However, Premium VIPs enjoy certain perks that help them to get laid much faster. SP Date goes by a monthly plan for $39.99 a month.

Babe Hunt

BabeHunt is a dating site that caters to the needs of horny and seeking guys. This dating platform connects sexually active and able men with some of the hottest, nastiest, cream-loving babes within their local area. Most of them are DTF around the clock, so hit them up whenever you feel like a booty call.

The features here are also pretty impressive with a buttload of pictures and videos you can crank a quick one out to. Fapworthy as that is, the platform also comes with the basic features of a dating site like chat, messaging, and even picture exchange. Their girls are of top quality, the sexiest out there!

As for a premium subscription, you can go ahead and try out the full tools spectrum with the monthly package at $49.95 each month.

FreeLocalDates Review


With over 61,000 active users and almost half of the site’s users being women, you’ll find several hot and foxy girls looking for sex just around the corner from where you are. The specialty of this site is to connect local singles with matches that are compatible and within their local areas.

The site offers the basics of a dating site, like chatting, messaging, and photo galleries. But they’ve also added some exciting features like flirt and winks that let the other person know you’re down for a quick fuck. And if anyone is starting to get too pushy, you have the option to block them.

Go for a quick test run of FreeLocalDates with their 3-day trial pack at only $2.97. If you’re feeling more serious about your matches, go for the monthly plan at $29.95. There are also extended plans with a 3-month subscription at $74.85 and a 6-month subscription at $119.70.


Xpress is one of those quick date sites that are guaranteed to get you a hookup in absolutely no time. And with their 85% hookup rate and crazy active sex hunters getting laid will be ticked off your list. This site not only caters to young singles but also those single and still mingling right up to their 50s. Who knows, you may just catch a sexy cougar who’s up for your type of sexually raunchy play.

Xpress comes with messaging, chatting, and photo browsing features on a Facebook-styled site layout, making it very intuitive. You can go ahead and scroll through tons of profiles and pick out the ones you see promising in bed. On top of that, matches are also sent to you daily, based on your profile settings and preferences. If that’s not enough, hop on the message boards and strike up a conversation with sexy babes there. They might even drop you a wank-worthy booty shot.

There are monthly subscription plans for those who intend to take full advantage of the site. Monthly plans start at $29.95. The 3-month packages are $59.95, while the 6-month plans are $149.95, both with 33% savings! These guys also offer members a 100-Day Get Laid Guarantee, so best hop on the member wagon and get that premium quality ass.


The users on WetHunt are mostly male, so that’s good news for gays looking to get hitched for the night. However, the site doesn’t limit members based on their sexual orientation, so there’s a piece of ass for everyone over there. WetHunt is notorious for its active user base, most of which prefer one-night-stand, quick hookups, and some extra kinky fetish play.

You’re free to pick out any local sex partner using their robust search feature with multiple filters. You’ll also be able to see the most active users on the Top Users board and reach out to them if you’re planning to get laid in express. The chatting is free! The site also has a mobile app for Android users, so you can take your hookups and kinky play partners with you anywhere.


Xmeets is the best hookup site if you’re looking for elite sex partners with a flair for creative sexual encounters. It’s a fraction pricier compared to its counterparts, but that’s essentially due to the high-quality matches they provide you with every day. The number of women members is astounding, so if you’re looking to pick up a girl for casual hookups, this site may be the gold mine.

Aside from the usual features like messaging, chatting, photo and video galleries, and profile access, the site lets you manually search for local sex partners near you. There’s even a member tweet section, where you’d be able to see who’s feeling hot and horny right this second. The Quickie function is great for all you out there just looking to bang. Members you leave a like for just need to like you back, and you can go ahead and arrange your secret sex escapade with them. Members can leave each other Hot or Not ratings, which is an express ticket to a steamy date.

As many of the important features are premium only, it may pay to invest in the 3-day trial membership at $8.91. And if you like what you see on Xmeets, you can go ahead and subscribe to the monthly plan for $34.95 or the 3-month plan for $83.97


NoStringsHookups is a playground for pleasure seekers from all around. Users on here just want a good time, no strings attached. So if you’re on the lookout for a quickie with someone who’s into the kind of raunchy and raw sex play you like, this is the site for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, in a relationship, or married, this platform caters to everyone with every sexual kink in mind.

NoStringsHookup thrives on a more interactive layout, with lots of cam girls, live videos, live video chats, and more. Even top AV models are cam girls on here! The golden egg is the library of homemade pornos. And if you find a match you like, go ahead and drop them a private call!

Of course, there are limitations between free accounts and paid ones. Messaging, calling, and profile views are exclusive to members. So it may suit you to invest in one of their subscription plans. There are 6 different ones, catering to every budget, with the cheapest starting at $19.90 a month. Profile highlights start at $9.90 monthly.

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Have you chosen the favorite?

These are the best places to get laid online. If you’re still skeptical and wonder do hookup sites really work, try one of them out and see the results. These platforms are not only active, but they all have throngs of new sign-ups daily, so you’ll never run out of options for casual hookups. Choose the one you like the most, registered, and experience sex you’ve never had before.